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What comes to your mind when you think about the weather in Finland? It might surprise some people to learn that the country actually has so much more to offer than a long, dark and gloomy winter. In this article, we gathered a couple of activities for every season of the year, so no matter when you are visiting Finland, you will always have something fun to do.


Winters are long in Finland, no mistake there, and perhaps that is why finnish people wait for spring so eagerly. This is the time when the snow melts and the sun shows its face again.

Coffee and pulla (aka korvapuusti)

Cafes, pubs and terraces

The weather is not quite warm yet, but cafes and pubs open their terraces and sure enough those fill up with people. Finns are notorious coffee drinkers and there is something heartwarming about that first cup enjoyed in the open with a sweet cinnamony baked goodness.

Mantan lakitus, an important Vappu ceremony


Vappu is a major celebration event in Finland comparable to that of Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It also happens to fall on the same day as May Day (May 1st) which is all the more reason to celebrate. During Vappu, finnish people don their high school caps and participate in all kinds of events. The day usually begins (and for some the previous night continues) with a picnic with friends and family. There are all kinds of traditional events going on this time, one of the most famous being the Capping of Havis Amanda in Helsinki.


Fun fact about summer: it exists in Finland. And it is quite pleasant! The average temperature is about 20°C, but trust us when we say that it feels much-much warmer than that, mainly due to humidity and warm winds.

Suomenlinna is just one out of countless open air museums in the country

Open-air museums everywhere

No matter which region you visit, you are likely to find some historical heritage as Finland is full of open-air museums. For example, in Helsinki you could visit the fortress of Suomenlinna, or take a stroll on Seurasaari and enjoy the abundance of nature and the beauty of the perfectly preserved buildings from times long gone.  For many of these places you only pay your travel fee, the entrance is totally free.

Healthy, fun and delicious

Berry picking

The abundance of forests in Finland provide ideal conditions for a huge variety of berries to grow during the summer months. These healthy little snacks are then eagerly harvested around the end of the season, when people grab their berry harvesting baskets and set out into the dense undergrowth to gather as much as they can carry. The activity is not only traditional, it is also fun and highly rewarding.


With the warm months’ passing the rainy season sets in, but this should not discourage people too much. There are still plenty of things to do.

Ruska, aka the leaves turning into their autumn colours

Enjoy nature in its golden splendor

The dark winter months take up a significant part of the year, so it is completely understandable that finns want to bring out the most from the sunlight. One way to enjoy the mild autumn weather is by visiting local parks and forests. Why not take it a notch higher and go tracking or camping into Nuuksio or any other national park? Finland has a bunch of them on offer.

Enjoy an abundance of mushrooms

Mushroom picking

You have already got your fill of juicy berries, so now it is time to get delicious seasonal mushrooms on your plate. All around Finland you can find guided mushroom picking events. Set out into the forest with a basket, a manual and a whole lot of determination, and harvest some mushrooms for your self, your family and your friends. Just make sure to check up with the expert as there are more of the inedible kind than the edible ones!


Have we made you worried about winter in Finland? Well, forget about that! It is the longest season in the country, too, but it is arguably the most fun of all.

Christmas market in Helsinki

Christmas markets and igloo hotels

Bring out the best from the darkness by going to places and events full of light. Finland learned a long time ago how to bring enjoyment into the cold, so no matter where you go, you will always find warm, busy markets, illuminated streets and Christmas-themed shops long before the actual holiday. If you are in a romantic mood more and are not afraid to go north, then spend a night in an igloo hotel where you can watch the magical northern lights from the comfort of you warm bed.

Childhood dreams coming true

Santa’s workshop in Rovaniemi

One of Finland’s greatest attractions is none other than the real Santa Claus’s very own workshop in Lapland. Located in Rovaniemi, many attractions await you, from toy making to seeing Santa himself. Say hi to him in your own language and chances are that he can respond in kind. After all, he is Santa Claus.

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