The most Northern region of Finland, Lapland, is full of contrasts. Marked by the Artic Circle line that crosses, Lapland is the home of Santa Claus, the awe-inspiring Northen Lights, the Midnight Sun, endless forests that change colour with each season, hordes of reindeers, the Sami people and some of the best ski resorts of the country.

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It is said by the locals that has 8 seasons instead of 4, and each one of them is unique in its own way. As it is located way up north in the Arctic, the region is full of wild nature crystallised in amazing national parks, such as Urho Kekkonen, Pyhä-Luosto and Pallas-Yllästunturi.

During the colder months, Lapland is a fairy-tale winter wonderland. Pure white snow covers the land and offers an magnificent contrast to the constantly dark sky. Locals and tourists alike are attracted by the winter activities such us snowmobiling, safaris to go see the Northern Lights, snowshoe walking, and skiing or snowboarding in one of the mani ski resorts of the area, such as Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto and Ruka.

In spring the sun rises again from the horizon, putting an end to the “kaamos” (arctic night in Finnish). During this time, the snow still covers the hills and the longer and brighter days attract winter outdoors enthusiasts that still wish to elongate the season.

During the summertime, Lapland is the land of light. The Midnight Sun provides endless white nights and the arctic nature comes to live in lush shades of green. In Autumn Lapland turns into iconic hues of gold and red, the “ruska” (change of the leaves in Finnish) colors. This is the best time to go for a hike in one of the national parks and iconic trails such as Karhunkierros, the most popular hiking trail in Finland.

Besides its breathtaking nature, Lapland also offers many interesting places to visit. Discover Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi, try the local gastronomy at one of Lapland’s great restaurants, learn more about the local Sami people and their rich cultural heritage, visit a reindeer or a husky farm, feel the Finnish gold rush or sleep in a glass igloo.



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