Southern Finland

The region of Southern Finland hosts the country's vibrant capital, Helsinki, a sustainable seaside city full surrounded of islands and green urban areas.

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In addition to Helsinki, the Southern Finlandl region comprises a wide array of other interesting areas and cities to discover. For instance, you can get lost on the seaside historical towns of Porvoo and Hanko, enjoy the famous heritage of Hämeenlinna or the Järvenpää-Tuusula area, or visit Lake Saimaa, the biggest of the country, located in Lappeenranta. On top of us, the region houses  6 national parks less than 2 hours away from Helsinki and countless other nature sites to visit.

Recharge your energy in the forest, enjoy a concert, live a summer festival, savour a Nordic cuisine dinner or relax in one of the iconic public saunas – it’s all here.

Places in Southern Finland

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