Porvoo, Finland's second oldest town, homes one of the country's most idyllic districts: Old Porvoo. Its old wooden doll-house-like houses line up at the sides of cobbled streets and are presided by the white stone church that sits on top of the hill overlooking the river valley. Located at only 50 kilometres east from Helsinki, this fairytale city is pure magic both in winter and summer.

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Founded nearly 800 years ago, Porvoo has served as both a home and a source of inspiration for many Finnish artists during the centuries. Here you can find, for example, the home of Runeberg, the famous poet who gives name to a delicious almond treat, the Runebergintorttu.

Just one hour away by bus from Helsinki, during the summertime it is also possible to reach Porvoo by steamboat. Although the city is not located on the coast, it is connected to the Gulf of Finland via the Porvoo River which flows through the city. The shores of the river are also the location of one of the most well-known landmarks and attractions: Poorvo’s red shore houses. Once used to as storage units for exotic goods brought from distant lands, the shore houses were painted red in honour of the arrival of king Gustav III of Sweden.

Poorvo’s wooden old town is full charming cafés, art exhibitions and galleries, signature shops and flea markets, idyllic B&B’s and boutique hotels, and other riverside attractions.